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Salón Mundial

by The Zues

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SALÓN MUNDIAL is an instrumental demo album which was written in Chiapas, Mexico and recorded at Cinema4 Sound Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

recorded 2007

runtime 50 mins


released April 4, 2008


The Zues: all instruments, loops, samples and production

recorded and mixed by Joel Wellington at Cinema4 (2008)

mastered by LANDR

album artwork by Joel Wellington at Cinema4



all rights reserved


The Zues Melbourne, Australia

It's The Zues (sic)

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Track Name: Las Calaveras
My skin is peeling – Sentimental questions: ink or naked?
Send me painted like the night – Stars are on, shaved away
Clean the layers one by one – Watch a movie, concentrate
TV buzzes like a gun – Sends a nerve end – Stop
To recall whatever raw birth makes me not.
Pedal to the floorboards, brother
Needle hems me in, line by line and
Constellation shadows form – Draw the visuals – Tempting
Ink me up and send me home.
Outline and colour magazine – Powder shading
I'm a fading canvas our time – Las Calaveras – A tatalogue of fine lines
But I take it, breathing slowly – 'Cos this is gonna be crazy.
I'm breathing slowly – 'Cos this is gonna be crazy.
Track Name: Salón Mundial
Fighting hot to hold it in
This parody of me is losing skin
Dim illumination thin
It pulls my shadow, drags me in

Let me close my eyes
Contemplate but not to follow
No service sir - we’re closed tonight
But the world will open tomorrow

I’m fighting not to let you be
This part of me is shedding skin
One drink to hold me down
My hands are out and folded round

But the world will open tomorrow

Clowning round to hold you up
The spotlight fills my empty cup
Now sedated patiently
Waiting to be clear enough

Final call for alcohol
Hookahs, clean your Jaguar bowl
Fold the menus into thirds
I wonder if it’s me you heard

Out - Out
Everybody out
The building's about to explode

Out - Out
Everybody out
But the world will open tomorrow
Track Name: Luna y Sol
Find yourself a waterfall
And consume the rooms
Just like a bag of lollipops
Then let the moon remove you
Take you under for a while

Remember where she found you

One by one the clouds surround
Your pretty dream
Honey begun, you can begin
And let the shadows pull you in

Float away - all by yourself now
Relax and build a bridge
When you first feel like an angel
It’s time to shed some light
On the mushrooms of the night

To the soil and boil

Pull me in and let me swim
Among the rock pools and the trees
A hand from under turns me over
See the world as it shakes a little

Celebrate the hollow wall
Cloud it with your finger
Then find yourself a waterfall
Little by little by little
Track Name: Sol y Luna
First you pull him from the ground
And remove his head
Just like a cushion from a couch

Then with a knife, pick all the horns off
Slice down the valleys of the fruit
Put the puzzle in a pot

One by one remove the skin from the green
When they are done, go past your mouth
And let the reckoning begin

The bitterness requires deep meditation
Relax and build a fire
When you first feel like an angel
It’s time to shed your past
And let the cactus do the rest

To the heavens

Lift me up and let me swim
Among the thorn rocks and the bells
A hand from over turns me out
To see the world as it shakes a little

The vibrations of the universe
Breathe me like a wind
To the heavens in the desert

Take me forward
Rebirth after rebirth
Track Name: La Boca
Mosaic of dreams left
Floating in the ether
Elasticised by time lying
Shut eyed in a bed.

What place we be where waves lap
Furiously against our awkward disposition
Evaporate on gentle entry

What better place we know
For i have seen worlds far sundry in action
But i write only what i have seen
Right here in space and time

What better time to see
Far better worlds within
Compounded high into
The wood grain of our minds

Footprints remain encased
In airtight time for space
And like trophies on the mantle
Forever rest these pieces
Of our certain whittle

While habit turns to coal
Our place to be, eyes wide open
Between laps of waves beyond control

Settle little person for
The people you will be
Far better worlds await you
And wild visions seen

This turn of fateful judgement
Tucked inside an eye
Will one day blink a fatal
Get lost or good-bye

Tired wheel is rolling
The weight of all is one
Divided by existence
On gentle entry gone
Track Name: Fraktal
Faced with a reality which
Lies within all this
And outside all this (we are)
Transcending opposites

We are here
We are not here
But we are here

To move the course of nature
Is nature in itself
Transmitting happiness
Achieved through natural
Spontaneity and intuition

Feel the universe is dynamic
That space and time are one fractal
Open the door to all this

Love and be love
Love and be loved

You are created by energy
And will vanish into energy
In gravity
Endless changes are
Natural and spontaneous

The opposite
Of opposite
Is opposite

An equilibrium
Of the mind
Within the mind

And without the mind
In unity as a single whole
In a single hole
Without a single hole

Infinitely changing
A park in the centre of the city
A cabin in the middle of a tree
A hand in the grip of another
A mother covered only by the sea
A window into eternity
A dream of flying from fear
A fear of flying in a dream
An eye
That one and only tear, sliding
Off your island in the sky

Remarkable and without fault
Existence is a vault
With a code lock

Birth: it will open
Death: it will close
But infinitely alternating
Within and without reason

Protect and serve
With cool vibrations

Underwater revolucion

Be positive
But learn to breathe
Just in case

This is not our planet
We are guests
So enjoy your stay

One day
You will check out
And after they clean your room
Someone else will check in

For the record:
Heaven is the memories
You leave behind
Hell is the issues you
Never resolved

Be positive
And don’t forget to breathe

Circling around
The object of contemplation
He directs his actions
According to the paradox
In solving the riddle of being
Through removing himself
From the hearing and seeing

Cross legged and hungry
He waits like an insect
Curled up till morning

The sun rises in darkness
The moon balances in space

Interconnected he sees now
The answers confuse the equation

It is what it is
Till it sucks back in and disappears

If you choose to breathe
You might just see it too
And breathe
Track Name: Through The Devil, Angels Meet
The only thing between You and I
Is the and
Track Name: The Seed and the Egg
Her mouth is dry
Her veins are blocked
Her skin is peeling back
Her heart has stopped

Star of warmth
You made the birds and reptiles evolve
Why can’t you make us humans see clearly
Before our procession ends

Star of heat
Beat us into submission
Melt our icecaps and burn our trees
This will be our legacy:

Died before they realised
Called themselves a people
They were but a disease
Star of heat
Burnt our trees

Come work our plantation
Watch how it grows
Little one
Then wonder why
The present passed us by
And what our species
Would’ve realised
Had we opened our minds

Hydrogen Helium Lithium Beryllium
Boron Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen
Moron humans morons
Track Name: Surgery Blade
Free – Where the possibilities
Are undeniably becoming

Open – Just as there's a moment
To correctly defy me

You tried to cut the heart out
But I recovered, sorta

There are no coincidences
This Chaos is in Order
Track Name: Angels & Robots
Power struggle is an equation:

Sedating the lords
Divided by nations
Equals a round of applause
And a standing ovation

Set us the stage - coach
Curtain raised - a toast
To the host and the holy fucken ghost

Take your place before
Most of it goes to waste
Into the memory of the indifferent

How did it taste?
This bitter parade
How long did you think
We could play this charade?

Like a virus of the mind
We will not survive this time

Ending it, slowly we'll vanish
With no one to remember
What a fucken mess we made

Do you think your god will smile
And say - those crazy humans
Oh how they humoured me
Assuming we'll not vanish with you

Take a deep breath - exhale
One shot - and we’re handballing it
Into the memory of the indifferent