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The Fall of Thug Lee Mixtape [Instrumentals]

by The Zues



THE FALL OF THUG LEE is a mixtape of instrumentals from IRON EMPIRE board member THE ZUES, produced at Cinema4 Sound Studio Adelaide, South Australia

recorded 2010- 2012

runtime 48 mins


released March 18, 2012


The Zues: emcee and beats

recorded, produced and mixed by Joel Wellington at Cinema4 (2010-2012)

mastered by LANDR

album artwork by George Andric

album design by Joel Wellington at Cinema4



all rights reserved


The Zues Melbourne, Australia

It's The Zues (sic)

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Track Name: Who's on Zues Watch?
Watch my fist so you don’t get pole-axed
Dodge like a viper when the wrist twists – Rolex
Low flex achilles 'round the square – next, a left hook
Sting like a bindi in the chin when the chest looks
Undefended... coulda been a contender
Instead pretended to descend and surrender
Rendering vendors an moneylenders offended
I recommend you get the fuck outa the blender
Fore the spenders apprehend ya and end ya tender legend
In ya punch drunk trunks – return to sender

Introducing The Zues from all angles
Here for you to use without home dee bangles
Here’s to you Mrs Mangel
Chasing Bouncer round the how?
Strangled Harold with hypotenuse triangles
As no fan dangles
Type a guy who wears his socks with his sandals,
Triple chin love handles, Madge Ramsey flashes hers
Chases vandals from the cul de sac
Back to the bridge in front of Lassiter's

Better be quick on the rebound when the mugger ducks
Pepper spray thugs with enough double rubber slugs
Tuli Kupferberg Fugs round drugs for lover hugs
Dug shallow graves for rubber ducks
Then pulled the plug
That muthafucka snuggled under the rug
Then drowned a few blubber trucks
And you will use cucumber and blueberry boost juice
Daily news reviews dude
Found your neighbour sucks dosh
Like an upside down lady bug, squash
Hot for a blue crotch in your bag rocks
Heard no new goss from the pyro,
Fuck I lost my biro,
Part two Mad Max gyro boss chopper squad
Big Bopper burning thunder Fort Knox in a
GT Super fox trot
Victor Charlie Charlie
Duck’s guts... hooee,
She's the last o the V8s
What ya waitin' for mate,
Changing plates n riding interstate?
Interceptor on blocks not crates
Night Rider – no brakes
Remember his name when you stay up late
Coffin got birth and death dates
Train waits, wails, chugs mugs
Down the loose hatch
Top notch super sleuth deduced a suspect from a tooth swab
Produced a truth blotch in just a few clues Bob but the
Recluse got more excuses than a hotch potch juicey Goose got

Open front door brown bag fire poo squash
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

Soaping whores round scag wire glue wash Bob
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

Chicken tuna corn kernel Lacuna Coil crew mosh
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

Winner funeral porn style inferno food toss
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

Took a piss in the foot prints of the only known Sasquatch
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

I know fermented monsters in the Loch Ness producing hops Scotch
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

You’ll never drop a proper ninja with a Fosbury Flop
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

All four Beatles wore the mop top but one forgot
Who the fuck’s on Zues Watch?

Stewie Dew kicked two on the trot with chewy on his boot but
Who the fuck was on Zues Watch?
Track Name: Amazing Race
Charterhouse hit the Iceberg, Bridge
Dinner’s in the fridge
Pilgrimage is in a smidge

Straight outta Kent Town
Gina hit the skids
Kara’s lost her wits on the grid
Without her kid

Amazing Race, how sweet you are,
Rav n Chicks spacen out places
Like meat on a spit,
Eat clue card,
Leg it to the Tap,
Neat hit, near miss,
On par with the map
Quick beer at the bar on Palmer’s Visa card
Run too far now I can’t fit in the car
Missy sits on Nicky and Nicky’s in the front seat
Paul runs the yards to the barbeque, park it

Duck eggs in the market
Hard boiled, fark it,
We’re comin in last
Mary kiss m’ arse, parted
It’s near on quarter past the hour
But we’re only half masted
And I need another shower

Karaoke machine means waiting in line
Telly Bellies down the street, team's late, rewind
Crammed in a tram, seats undefined, colour-blind
Pram child pointing, ‘look mum, it’s Tubby time’

Skate park heckles, shots from the three,
Repeat five bee balls, sweatin' like a beast Joining up the freckles on my skin
Meet you at the top o’ Morphett Street in a min
‘We beat,’ cried feet on a mission
Almost at the fin,
Hangin’ for my din dins

The best dressed expressed
Their chosen wovens slowed ‘em,
But drove ‘em west, behest Adrovers On their quest for maximum festivals,
Sirloin steaks with capsicum pesto balls,
Barramundi lemon zest or chicken breast clovers Served over a bed of bulldozers...

Debs Schwartzmakopf won the medal in purple
Ttu racked stats like he was out just to hurt all
Jalapeña Gina seen in a greener curtal
Don Mega mellowed yellow like a turbo turtle

Second place came Kripley, believe it or not
She put a whole King-prawn in the pot
Added Swiss Honeycombe shallots, carrots, an apricot
And a hint peaches Mangan peaches
Kate Ellison features a lot while leaving the bleachers

Whether you hit or whether you Missy, we all born True to form, the brew was worn by the Shoehorn
No drama Palmer farmed a llama with a tall lawn
Zues watched on from the bottom of the dirt
Next to all round brown eyed girl, Paul Birt

Leonie came bouncing through the door in search
Of Renee all temple, all mosque, all church
Nice to meet ya Sangeetha, straight outta work
Then there was Maund drinking lemon squash To quench her thirst

Straight outta Brompton
Who the fuck’s on Simmons Watch?
He’s on the system